Dream to Live

Since I’ve been doing yoga more often, my mind has been able to reach a sleep that is deep enough to create extremely vivid images and scenes that I actually fully remember when I wake up. And let me tell you, they are no ordinary dreams. I can remember the faces of every person and place in my dream, it is almost like watching a movie unfold. I also get so emotionally invested into the dreams that I have woken up crying! Even if I don’t wake up with a mess of emotions, I always want to go back to my dreams because if I don’t like how it ended I can change it. 

That is the difference between reality and dreams – control. We can control what happens in our dreams (most of the time) because we are the god of our dream-universe! In my dreams, I defy gravity! I can roll back time. Sometimes, I have super powers!

This is the complete opposite of reality because we have no control over the universe, as much as we would like to be gods. Now don’t get me wrong, we have control over some aspects of our lives, but it is always a response not the cause. We can only adapt to our circumstances, not determine what those circumstances are.

As strange as my lucid dreams have been, I have loved the chance to peek into the complexity of my mind. If my unconscious can accomplish so much, I can’t imagine how much my conscious mind will accomplish! The dreams we have are a glimpse of our potential in reality. I have found the most inspirational part of my dreams are the limitless possibilities and opportunities, which are paralleled in reality!

So even if I can’t fly or control time, I can take advantage of all the possibilities and opportunities that avail themselves to me. And that is how you dream to live.

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